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Andreu's Luxury Closet was founded by Stephanie Andreu soon after she became Mrs. Andreu. Growing up, Stephanie had a love for designer items. On her 14th birthday, she gathered all her birthday money and headed to the mall with her mom to buy her first designer piece, a Louis Vuitton Inclusion Bangle that she still proudly wears today ten years later. After that first purchase, she just couldn't get enough; thus a collector was born.

Over two years ago, Stephanie found herself in a predicament. She wanted a new bag but didn't want to spend her own money on it. So she sold one of her Chanel bags that she rarely ever used and bought the new bag she had her eye on. She told one of her friends what she had done to get the new bag and her friend asked if she could do the same for her on commission; thus a business was born.

Stephanie started off by selling the bags she acquired from her clients on eBay and Poshmark. Soon after that, she began selling her items on her Instagram. Within a month, she gained over 2K followers and quickly became a company to turn to when in need of selling or buying designer items. After selling over 300 luxury items, she realized it was time for a place where people could shop her curated selection of designer items 24/7 with the click of a button.
Thus, was born.